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Emergency Exit: Emergency exits must comply with regulations and ensure safe exit during extreme situations while also helping to secure the building. Steel stiffened security doors with intelligent panic exits, for example, protect people and property during emergencies and all other times. An emergency exit must allow fast and efficient evacuation during extraordinary circumstances. At all other times, the same door must act as an important part of the building’s primary security.

Offices: Office buildings contain sensitive materials and valuable property prompting the need for high levels of security but with a large degree of flexibility. A high-quality solution ensures that, when necessary, a closed door remains closed. All of a door’s components must fit smoothly together and must operate like new even after thousands of openings.

Hotels:A guest’s sense of security is a hotel’s top priority. Through implementation of an efficient and reliable locking system, hotels can ensure their guests feel safe and comfortable throughout their stay. A guest should feel comfortable and safe in their hotel room. Security and locking solutions in the interior of a hotel room are consistent with the facilities’ aesthetics while performing their most important task: protecting a guest’s valuables.

Shopping Malls:AL KHALEEJ provides integrated security solutions for retail facilities such as shopping malls and centers. The primary focus of these solutions is to provide safety and security for not only merchandise, but for customers as well.

Schools & Universities / Public Facilities:Schools, Universities & Public Facilities have the concern of providing a secured & safe environment. To tackle the security requirements Al KHALEEJ provides door solutions which ensures the required Fire ratings as per standards along with special security access facility required for rooms like Laboratories, Store rooms, etc. in schools and also in public areas like sports arenas and concert halls. The quality & appearance of AL KHALEEJ doors also provide an added aesthetical advantage to the interiors.

Acoustic Doors for Noise Reduction Requirement:Noise can have significant affect on people’s daily functions. Noise emerging from common workspaces, from the HVAC units and other heavy equipment rooms, from Schools band rooms and hallways, etc. need to be reduced to avoid distraction while in office, at home or schools. Virtually all types of buildings also need rooms equipped for private conversation and also there are needs for absolute confidentiality rooms required because of expanding national security operations. For all these requirements AL KHALEEJ Metal provides doors which are acoustic in design to suit the sound rating (STC) required for the particular surrounding.

Honeycomb Insulated Firerated Steel Door

The honeycomb infil is the choice for heavy Duty commercial use and economical also. The core is bonded to door skins, strengthening the structural integrity of the door, (enhancing) long term performance and durability, while significantly reducing the weight of the door.
Door edges mechanically interlock the full height of the door and give additional rigidity and durability. Heavy duty lock and hinge reinforcements aurrounded by min 7ga (4.2mm).

Rockwell Insulated Firerated Steel Door

Rockwool rigid slabs conforming to ASTM-612 and equivalent B5-39585 are designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of flat or slightly curved surfaces operating at temperature up to 750 degree celsius. These Rockwool are produced from long, non-combustible resin bonded wioth ecxcellent load bearing chjaracteristics.

Door edges nechanically interlock the full height of the door and give additional rigidity and durability. Heavy duty lock and hinge reinforcements surrounded by min 7 ga (4.2mm)


Full & Fusible Louvered/ Glazed Steel Door

Standard Steel Doors can be provided with variety of louver designs and sizes, Louvers permit free air passage, controlling the volume by their size or design. They diffuse or control direction of air flow by blade design.

A louver is an opening in the door with a series of slats or blades to allow passage of air. Generally, louvers are prefabricated by weldig. This louver frame is inserted into the opening in the door prepared to receive the louver.

Blade designing is available in 'Z-shape' 'Y-shape' & 'V-shape'

This type of door can be used in Electrical room, transformer room, Machine room, Pump room etc.

Fusible Link means Two pieces of metal held together by low-melting-point solder. Fusible link louvers are used in fire doors where flames and intense heat passage must be controlled. These types of doors are used in Mechanical room, Service room etc.

Standard Steel Doors can be provided with variety of glazings in different types as per the customer requirements. Fireated or Non-firerated glass can be used for producing high aesthetic appeal steel mdoors. This type of doors are used in Entrance area.

Firerated Door with Unequal Leaf/Transom Panel/ Folding

Standard Steel Doors can be produced with unequal leaf as per teh site requirement where any one of the leaf can be used for accessing while the other leaf can be fixed by means of flush bolts provided.

Vision glass various sized can be provided for greater visibility across the door. This type of door is normally used in Entrance area, corridor area etc.

Standard steel doors can be produced with a fixed panel of removable panel on top of it (as integral paert of the door) to various sizes as per the site requirement where a higher opening is required to be covered by a steel doors.

Trasom panel can be available.

1) with vision glass or without vision glass

2) with in fill or without infill.

3) Fixed type of removable type

This type of door is normally used in office entrance area, Maindoor area etc...

Standard steel doors can be produced in combination as steel folding door with a common frame to suit the wider opening with a flexibility of different openings.

This type of door is used in Electrical closet, Telephone closet etc

Our access panels allow easy access into ceiling voids and walls cavities, where services controls etc.. need to be readily accessible for maintenance or emergency maintenance.

Access panel available with infill material or without infilmaterial and also availbale with vision glass or without vision glass.


Hi-Tech Door Level Criteria

Model Door Type Steel Sheel Gauge MM Door Thickness Infilled Core Frame Gauge MM Frame Type
Level 1 Light Commercial
1 Flush 20 0.8 44.5 Honeycomb/Rockwood 18 1.2 welded/Knockdown
Level 2 Heavy Duty Commercial
1 Flush 19 1.0 44.5 Honeycomb/Rockwood 18 1.2 welded/Knockdown
Level 3 Extra Heavy Duty Commercial
1 Flush 18 1.2 44.5 Honeycomb/Rockwood 16 1.5 welded/Knockdown
Level 4 Maximum Duty Commercila
1 Flush 16 1.5 44.5 Honeycomb 15 1.5 welded/Knockdown
1 Flush 16 1.5 44.5 Rockwood 15 1.5 welded/Knockdown
Special Purpose Products
2 Flush 18 1.2 44.5 Honeycomb/Rockwool 16 1.5 welded/Knockdown
2 Flush 16 1.5 44.5 Rockwood/Rockwool 15 2.0 welded/Knockdown

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